Story Behind the GOSH

Let me share a story behind this word. When I started in-person workshops and seeing my clients, they would tell me “oh my gosh my back is hurting” or “my shoulders are in pain”, and so on, so I came up with this name: Global Organization Of Self Healing, or G.O.S.H. LLC.

No matter how much you try to get outside help, it may only work for a short time unless and until you do SELF-HEALING. This is from my own experience in life. I guide you to help with your own self-healing journey.

My main focus is on Qigong and I offer Qi Activation classes online through Zoom.

What is QIGONG?

Qi means "energy" and Gong means "to work with". Simply put, Qigong means working with the body's energy. Practicing Qigong is one of the best ways to help yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle.



  • Use and direct your Qi with Qigong.
  • What is Emptiness? How to prepare yourself to enter the Emptiness.
  • How to connect with and tap into an energy greater than your own.
  • Five Element Qigong and its healing wisdom as the Physical Movements.
  • Small Universe Meditation as the Internal Refinement.
  • Experience the powerful combination of Qi & Yi.
  • How to engage breath, sound, movements, and mind with Qigong practice.
  • The Yin and Yang of Qigong.
  • Qigong healing principles, such as Qi Blockages and how they form.
  • Plus, a Special Bonus: Sword Fingers, a Qigong healing technique to help yourself and others to heal.

Below is the link to register for my upcoming classes on Qi Activation:

Depending on what my client's needs I also introduce them to the following services:


Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheels that spins. They are the energy centers located within our bodies. Balanced chakra in your body enhances your life in all aspects. Learn the sounds and colors of each of the seven chakras for a balanced life.

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

This technique helps release trapped emotions in mind and body by tapping on certain points on the body.

IET-Integrated energy Therapy

The nine healing angels of the energy field. In this class, you are inviting angels to help you on your self-healing journey


In this class you will learn some techniques by Hart Math Institute and learn how to build your personal resilience, which is the capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, and adversity.

CONNECTING WITH Seraphim energies

There are many courses you can explore with my fellow teachers. Please click here https://seraphicspheres.com/