Incredible Kindness and Compassion
Thank you so very much for this enlightening week of SFQ Every Day. You brought forth such loving, kindness, and devotion to my heart and all those participating, no doubt. Your beautiful life of service to the Divine is evident. I am grateful.

... Hannah-NJ



A Wonderful Teacher, Healer & Friend
I want to say that your Limitless Life Transformation retreat was fabulous! You provided so much invaluable information, such as the guided meditations, EFT, Qigong exercises, and Chakras clearing just to name a few. I have had sciatic pain in my right leg for over 10 years and now after doing 1 session of EFT, it’s gone. I went to your retreat feeling stuck and now I feel like I am on Cloud 9! I’m glad you found your calling because you are a wonderful teacher, healer and friend! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to attending your next retreat!"

... Pam, NJ, Student of Sangita



Outstanding & Informative Teacher
You are so peaceful, so hopeful, so in the abundance of all that is good. You’re my angel. The primary benefit was the group energy and like-minded people that made it a true experience of “forward movement” on our own paths. The conference gave us choices, as well as calling on expertise in areas we are unfamiliar at this point. It gave us connections that make all we do for ourselves and others even more valid. It enriched our lives from day one. I would highly recommend your presentations without hesitation! Sangita, you did an amazing job of incorporating so much information, techniques, and personal experiences. They all molded into a synergistic vehicle we can all use whenever we choose to clear, to elevate our energy, to rely on when we need that extra boost. Thank you! With love & gratitude.

... MaryAnn, NJ, Student of Sangita



Confident & Helpful Approach
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Sangita Patel is one of my greatest blessings. She gently guided me through this exercise, her smile and kindness taking me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to experience a beautiful place. Afterward, she gifted me her book, and I did not know about her own adversity until much later. From that very first encounter, I became Sangita's student and will seek her teachings for life. In a very simple way, Sangita offers great comfort to me. She has taught me many different teachings and offers understandings like no other. She leads by example, offering compassion, patience, and guidance, as well as the wisdom of her incredible teachers. She was well worth the wait! Embrace Sangita as I have, and you will start living in a pure way that will alter your life.

... Mary Jo, NY, Student of Sangita