About Me

Sangita was in a car accident and lost her only brother. She suffered pain in the physical and emotional level for about 20 years. First time Sangita experienced Master Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong was in 2009. Once she started practicing qigong her 20 years of sufferings, pain and health challenges started to go away. Again, she got a health challenge with brain aneurism, heart attack, stroke, and vision problem.

She got certified as a trainer under Master Lin in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Both her children got married, which led her to learn about building personal resilience with Heart Math Institute.

In 2020, she had a knee replacement and while she was recovering, she discovered QI-WALKING. She realized that all her life running around and coping up with the fast-paced world, slowing down is the key. In healing, the slower you practice, the faster your body heals. This helps to calm your body at all levels.

Today she offers Qi Activation class online, which she learned and got certified as a trainer under Master Lin, the founder of Spring forest qigong. She feels deep gratitude towards the universal Love energy, her teachers, her children, mom, husband, and pets.

Story Behind the GOSH

Let me share a story behind this word. When I started in-person workshops and seeing my clients, they would tell me “oh my gosh my back is hurting” or “my shoulders are in pain”, and so on, so I came up with this name: Global Organization Of Self Healing, or G.O.S.H. LLC.

No matter how much you try to get outside help, it may only work for a short time unless and until you do SELF-HEALING. This is from my own experience in life. I guide you to help with your own self-healing journey.

My main focus is on Qigong and I offer Qi Activation classes online through Zoom.

Sangita's Published Works

Embrace your inner self and two guided meditation CD’s- Stress to Bliss

Chakra Healing